Work in the community

We're all about giving back and making a positive impact. This includes raising money for good causes, volunteering, and getting involved in delivering financial education.


Coffee4Craig is a Manchester charity set up to help people facing homelessness. We were introduced to the charity by our strategy board member, Gordon, and in 2023, we joined their 24 Club to make a tangible difference in the lives of those facing or experiencing street homelessness.

We have supported them through corporate social responsibility days, donations, and showing off our cooking skills by helping them prepare meals.

My Personal Finance Skills

As an Education Champion, Ed delivers educational sessions to local schools and colleges. These cover a range of topics, including the basics of tax when starting a job and how to stay safe from financial scams.

Manchester Round Table

WE are delighted to support the Manchester Round Table where Ed is the chairman. A community-based charity dedicated to helping to support local good causes. Together, they raise thousands of pounds for local charities through events such as a beer festival and assisting at a local fireworks display.