Jane Patrick

Director and
Chartered Financial Planner

Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Jane Patrick, Stockport

At work, you’ll find Jane…

Jane has worked in the financial services profession for more than 22 years. She started her career working for a large life assurance company before moving to work for an independent financial advice firm.

For the past 15 years, Jane has worked as a financial planner, guiding clients through their financial journeys. She specialises in working with people at or approaching retirement and those who have gone through a significant life change, such as bereavement or divorce.

In Jane’s free time…

Life at home revolves around Jane’s six-year-old twins, Lily and Leo, so spare time is limited. However, when she does get time to herself, she enjoys spending time with her husband Nathan, family days out, long walks, running, swimming, pub lunches, and nice restaurants.

Jane in the spotlight

My proudest moment as a financial planner is

launching Sylvan with Ed and Adrian mid-pandemic.

The three people at my dream dinner party would be

Tom Hanks, Whitney Houston, and Vincent van Gogh.

Three small things that make my day better are

a morning swim, an endless supply of coffee and dinner cooked by my husband.